Corporate Social Responsibility

Reaching out to the Community


  • “2016 Dr. Bethune in Action Plan” in Sanya sponsored by Changfeng

  • Changfeng Energy Company Donation Ceremony to Disaster Victims of Fort McMurray Volcano, Alberta, Canada

  • Donation to Wenchang by Changfeng for the “Hurricane Seagull” Suffered from Typhoon Haiyan Changfeng Energy donated relief materials to Wenchang

  • Changfeng Donated RMB200,000 to Haitang Charity Fund

  • Changfeng Donated RMB200,000 to “Love in Tianya Action Plan”

As a socially responsible company, CF Energy has organised an annual charity dinner and charity auctions. Since the company’s founding, it has donated more than RMB11 million to society. CF Energy’s President Lin has also been cited in the record of the “2012 Charity Events for Members of the CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)” for his charitable contributions and deeds. He has also been granted a certificate which was reported in the 183 issue of the magazine CPPCC

In 2016, Changfeng donated CAD50,000 to the Fort McMurray Volcano wildfire victims in Canada’s Alberta province

In 2014, Changfeng donated RMB120,000 in rescue and relief materials for victims of “Typhoon Rammasun”

In 2013, Changfeng donated RMB600,000 for building roadside lights in Hongliao Village, Jiyang County

Since 2012, Changfeng has donated RMB575,000 to various charitable funds

In 2010, Changfeng donated RMB70,000 to disaster relief for the Yushu Earthquake and RMB20,000 for the Hainan Flood respectively

In 2010, Changfeng donated RMB400,000 for the Rural Road Reconstruction Project in Wuchuan

In 2008, Changfeng donated RMB690,000 to disaster relief for the Wenchuan Earthquake

Since 2007, the cumulative amount of charity sponsorship amounted to RMB650,000

Since 2005, the cumulative annual student donations have reached RMB1.5 million

Since 2004, poverty alleviation donations have reached RMB1.22 million

Since 2003, donations for helping the disabled have reached RMB350,000


In 2016, Changfeng sponsored the “2016 Dr. Bethune Action Plan in Sanya” with the Canada Bethune Medical Development Association and Canada Bethune Medical Fund

In 2015, Changfeng was presented the “2015 Love for Continuing Education” and “Hainan Hope Project” awards

In 2013, President Lin was recognised as a “Charity Star” by the Wuchuan Commercial Committee of Haikou City

Since 2013, Changfeng has held annual charity dinners and charity auctions to encourage all employees to participate in charity events

In 2007, Changfeng was awarded for an Outstanding Contribution in Helping Students in Poverty for Education