Vehicle Refueling

We also provide refuelling service for vehicles such as household cars, taxicabs, buses and trucks. Currently we operate two vehicles refuelling stations, one in Sanya, Hainan and the other in Changsha, Hunan. There are two types of natural gas we provide to customer for vehicle refueling, being CNG and LNG. CNG is generally used by household cars and taxicabs, while buses and trucks are typically refuelled with LNG. Apart from directly procuring CNG, we may also convert LNG into CNG via gasification at our refuelling stations to assure the supply of CNG.

The project of Changsha CNG automobile filling station

CF Energy Company Limited is responsible for the construction and management of gas filling station project in Changsha city, and until now it has built one CNG filling station, the quantity of gas supply has reached more than thirty thousand cubic meters every day.

The project of Sanya CNG automobile filling station

The Sanya Changfeng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction, operation and management of natural gas filling station in Sanya city. At present, it has built a LNG-LCNG automobile filling station in the business, the design gas supply capacity reaches 30 thousand Nm3/ day, which was the first to be rated as the "excellent project" in Hainan province, the gas supply capacity and the scale are also the largest in Hainan province.